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Taurine and Glycine: The Benefits of Combining These Two Amino Acids

Dietary Intake of Taurine and Glycine

Maintaining our health as we age becomes increasingly important, and nutrition plays a crucial role. Among the many nutrients that support healthy aging, taurine and glycine stand out due to their numerous synergistic bodily functions that support overall health. Although our bodies can produce these amino acids endogenously, the natural aging process can lead to a decline in the synthesis of taurine and glycine. Additionally, dietary intake of taurine and glycine may not always meet our body's needs, especially for individuals with low protein intake, vegetarians, or vegans. Thus, supplementation may be supportive for certain individuals to support healthy aging. 

Taurine, a sulfur-containing, conditionally essential amino acid, is abundant in the brain and skeletal and cardiac muscles. It is found almost exclusively in animal-based foods such as meat, seafood, fish, and milk (it has been discovered that certain types of seaweed may be an exception). Glycine, the simplest and smallest amino acid, has a hydrogen atom side chain and is also considered conditionally essential. Glycine can be found in various animal- and plant-based protein sources. Epidemiological studies reveal that a low dietary intake of taurine is associated with higher cardiovascular risks, while recent studies suggest that glycine levels may be reduced in adults with obesity, morbid obesity, type 2 diabetes, and non‑alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Taurine’s Role in Healthy Aging

Taurine supports healthy aging through various ways:

Glycine’s Role in Healthy Aging

Glycine is essential for various functions to support overall health:

The Synergy of Taurine and Glycine

Combining taurine and glycine can offer synergistic benefits for healthy aging. Both amino acids support antioxidant status, mitigate oxidative stress, and promote overall cellular health. Their roles in normal neurotransmitter function and cognitive health complement each other, potentially supporting healthy sleep hygiene, stress responses, and balanced mood. Additionally, their combined benefits on cardiovascular and metabolic health can provide a more comprehensive approach to maintaining health as we age. While taurine and glycine individually offer significant health benefits, their combination can provide a powerful strategy to support healthy aging. 

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By Danielle Moyer Male, MS, CNS, LDN